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Shareholder Relationships And Disputes

When shareholder relationships with corporate leadership and boards of directors fracture over matters such as an alleged breach of fiduciary duty or violations of operating guidelines, the accomplished business law firm of Hoeppner Wagner & Evans LLP strives to restore order to the chaos that often plagues commercial clients. Hoeppner Wagner & Evans attorneys have extensive experience counseling both companies and shareholders involved in disputes over company management and shareholder claims.

In addition to litigation, our attorneys regularly apply principles of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, plus negotiation, if necessary, to resolve differences between majority and minority shareholders.

Additionally, the firm prescribes proactive measures that can head off disputes before they happen. We strive to ensure that shareholders thoroughly understand the need to comply with obligations, rights and roles, as stated in shareholder agreements. Ideally, these agreements contain agreed-upon methods of resolving disputes over corporate governance before contentious situations lead to forced or mandatory buyouts.

The attentive, aggressive litigation lawyers who populate our trial and appellate practice are often retained to seek favorable outcomes in court.

Hoeppner Wagner & Evans LLP welcomes the opportunity to speak with officers and shareholders of companies in Indiana, Illinois and nationally when corporate infrastructures become unsteady. Our reputation for excellence spans decades.